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Rajasthani Folk Fusion Band

Rajasthani Folk Fusion Band

Rajasthan is famous for its Folk culture and music. Someone who wants to know about Rajasthan or Rajasthani culture then once in a time listened folk fusion band. In each and every special occasion or event of rajasthan such as marriage , tej, holi, gangor Rajasthani Folk Fusion is the part of the function.

Rajasthani folk music or folk fusion band is a beautiful treat to hear every time. The most popular instrument used in rajasthani folk fusion are Sarangi, Rawanhattha, Kamayacha, Morchang and Ektara.

The band Malang Music Group won the hearts of music fans all across the globe. Malang Music aims at keeping the Cultural music alive through their composition. In modern times the youth has adapted to newer class of art and styles in music. according to those The Malang Folk Fusion Band. Jaipur Boys, who have their roots in Rajasthan, are make the different kind of music. They even remake the sound of folk music in latest Bollywood trending songs as well. The folk fusion of malang music of Rajasthan has always occupied a special place in everyone heart.

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Rajasthani Folk Fusion Band
Rajasthani Folk Fusion Band

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