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Music Group for Mayra

Malang Music Group for Mayra

Malang Music Group has performed and witnessed many such ceremony including Mayra, the group has a specific play list which is sung and played by very fine artists and is one of the best Rajasthani Music Group for Mayra.

Mayra is an Indian ritual it plays an important role in Hindu weddings specially Marwari weddings. In this ritual the maternal side of bride’s family celebrate and bless the groom and bride and gifts, jewellery along with clothes and sweets to the family of his sister, signifying their love.

Wedding in old days, were not so fancy affair and since it should not be a burden on the bride/groom family everyone used to contribute from their side. Mayra is also one of those ceremony.

In this ceremony which shows a bond and love of brother and sister, a way to express his love and support to her sister, While the ceremony happens there is lots of loud folk music and hellos and photos happens and to make it more enjoyable. Dohra music group give their best (dancers, musicians, organiser), the group also make sure that each individual enjoys the ceremony and participate willingly in the function.

The group involves with the family and try to make everyone is participating cheerfully and enjoying the moments and make it memorable for you and your family with the trending Mayra musical and energy.