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gypsies of rajasthan

Gypsy Culture in Rajasthan, Fusion of Culture and art

If you enjoy the music and the Indian culture flows in your breath and blood, then Malang music can give you the real feel and goosebumps with our music and performance.

Malang music, gypises of rajasthan takes the pride of flaunting 10 successful years in bringing music and culture together in different corners of the world. The folk music performed by our artists instigates from the love we have for our motherland and the culture that has been imbibed in our soul.

Malang music was started by conspicuous folk and Sufi singer called Bundu Khan Khandela and having its headquarter is located in Jaipur. Mr. Khandela, a charismatic leader who rooted the journey of Malang music in the whole world.

Our world-class musicians, singers, and dancers can take you on a fizzing intermezzo beyond time and geographies. We strive to reveal our glorious Indian cultural history, using different gestures, props, and language that will stir the passion for ragas and rhythms.

We the gypises of rajasthan, have been leaving our footprints in various parts of the world to follow and glorify the richness and elegance of India that we carry within us.

gypsies in rajasthan
gypsies in rajasthan

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